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Befeuert durch den Höhenflug des Bitcoin-Kurses der letzten Wochen – der Bitcoin/Euro-Kurs erreichte ein Anfang März 2017 ein neues Allzeithoch von € 1.146,69 – und dem anhaltenden Hype der FinTech-Themen wird das Thema Blockchain immer interessanter für... read more


FinTech Academy organizes & supports events to educate people and organizations on technology, blockchain and crowdfunding. FinTech-powered events provide perfect platforms for the exchange of experiences and efficient networking.


Verification services

FinTech Academy is positioned as a trusted partner for startups as well as investors. Hence, we offer the service to verify data provided by startups and startups establishing the level of comfort for trusted investment transactions between parties.


Startups are key for economic growth. Hence, Fintech Academy and its network actively engage in innovative startups and their ideas. FinTech Academy is the proud founding partner for the soon to be launched Blockchain VC Axxelerate Investments.

Research & Reviews

FinTech Academy, as the name suggests, is positioned to provide insights into emerging technologies and phenomena. Hence, we together with our friends and experts work out research papers on interesting topics such as blockchain, bitcoin or crowdfunding.

Our Vision

FinTech Academy is an independent, membership-based network organization connecting Europe’s fintech sector. FinTech Academy’s working vision is to be a relevant think tank for the fintech community enabling knowledge transfer between our members. FinTech Academy continuously works with startups, influencers, visionaries, politicians and regulatory authorities to be an impact-having element in shaping socio-economic as well as legal frameworks for emerging technologies. In addition Fintech Academy serves as a verification partner for startups and investors: We have a deep knowledge of business models, of accounting, tax and legal as well as auditing requirements.

FinTech Academy provides important insights and discussion platforms to continuously develop the legal & tax framework in Europe that has to adjust for new technologies and FinTech Startups.

Sabine Kirchmayr

University Professor, University Vienna

I am a member of FinTech Academy because I am convinced that its mission to integrate the European fintec sector is of utmost importance to make Europe a global powerhouse for Startups.

Kurt Hofmann

Investor, HMH & Partner Management Beratungs GmbH