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ICO-Summit 2./3. Oktober 2017


By now (August 4th, 2017) more than USD 1,67 billion were raised by ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) – a figure that was bolstered by a record-breaking month of July,  A new means for finance is evidently looming. Should  ICOs continue their torrid pace, they are likely to even eclipse all-time venture capital investments in August.According to CoinDesk data, blockchain startups have raised just under $1.8 billion through traditional venture capital firms. Above all the rate of growth is objectively astonishing. In total, $1.38 billion of the total $1.67 billion in ICO funding was raised in 2017, which represents more than 600% growth year-over-year.But there are concerns raised around this new means of finance: are the investors protected resp. should the investors get more protected…

Therefore we thought we should set up an event to discuss all these issues around ICOS to foster a healthy growth of this new alternative financing possibility. Because eventually we think specially European companies need this new means of finance. During our ICO-Summit scheduled for October 2nd and 3rd, we will discuss the chances and risks accompanying this new kind of financing possibility.  Just join us and pre-register: .

Blockchain Business School 30. März 2017

Auftakt zu einer Reihe von Veranstaltungen mit dem Ziel, die Möglichkeiten der Blockchain-Konzepte darzulegen. Alle Welt spricht von Bitcoins, Blockchains und Distributed Ledgers. In der 1. Veranstaltung zu dieser Themenreihe werden wir die Begriffe erklären und einen Einblick geben warum die Welt momentan fasziniert spricht über dieses Thema.

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