Academy Verification Services

Trust is Your Key to Success

Startup & People Verification

The experts of FinTech Academy will audit and verify the basic data of a startup and their people. Startup can use the certified verfication of their basic data to offer their investors a higher degree of certainty. Investors love to know that provided data and information can be trusted, especially when it comes to crowdfunding.

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Analytics & Numbers Verification

The experts of FinTech Academy audit and verify analytics data of startups, projects and websites . This service intends to provide a higher degree of certainty to external people when reading the data for their specific purposes. Verified and certified data are a great advantage for founders and project owners when talking to investors.

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Business Plan Verification

The experts of FinTech Academy offers Startups to possibility to have their business plans due diligenced and verified. Assumptions as well as plausibility of the business model along with numbers will be checked thoroughly. A “FinTech Academy Verified” business plan supports the startup when talking to investors and partners.

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